The backbone of the Import and Export industry is transportation, which occupies one of the most important positions in the supply chain.

AI Shipping Lines is in a great position to help you with all of your shipping and supply chain requirements. You’ll get the high-quality end-to-end transportation service because of our worldwide reach and local experience.

We arrange for your transportation by land, sea, and air from your nation of origin to the port, and then to you. In addition to distribution, we assume responsibility for the entire process, including all documentation and legalities related to import and export from and to India, as a recognised logistics and freight specialist.

Our transportation infrastructure, which is supported by a network of vessels and a team that is dedicated and focused 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is something we are very proud of.
Our transportation system ticks off all the boxes: detailed schedules, tailored solutions, a strict security code, and an unwavering desire to help you achieve your goals. For a true end-to-end experience, we provide frequent departures on all important commerce lanes and interior service.

AI Shipping Lines recognises that each client is distinct. Whether it’s a large shipment or a tight deadline, our transportation services provide flexibility and security. We recognise that no two commodities are alike. Our primary task in optimising your experience here is to examine the cargo. The commodities are divided into categories such as liquid bulk cargo, on-demand cargo, and dry bulk cargo, among others. Following that, we calibrate shipping alternatives that are tailored directly to your shipment, as well as a point of contact to keep you informed.

It might be difficult to transport products from one location to another. When looking for transportation from one site to another, it could take a little longer. Not only is it time demanding, but it is also stressful. This is where AI Shipping Lines, India’s best logistic service provider, comes in. We offer the convenience of transport booking with budget-friendly rates for all types of transportation services. We have a large number of verified solutions registered with us, all of which offer complete transparency in transportation costs and speedy results.

We have been supporting the safe and timely transfer of goods from one point to another with services in India, including heavy material, machine, household, liquid transport, and all forms of industry excellent material.

The major step is to deliver a profitable solution that matches your transit time requirements and environmental goals. We’re continuously looking for ways to improve our value-added services so you can get the most out of working with AI Shipping Lines.